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Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
And I'm the clueless one, if you think that was the last time a racial slur was used in soccer. And I never say players should brush it off, they just can't a big scene out of it.

Does this mean you concede my point and now agree with me?

I'll have to assume so.

If athlete are trained to brush off racial slurs then why does soccer have a strict rule about racial slurs?

Who knows what is said in soccer. I dont watch the sport much to make much of an assessment. But I know for a fact basketball, baseball, and football racial slurs arent thrown at players from fans and taken on the chin. And I dont hear of many reports from players that they have been called racial slurs during a game. Tiger Woods was upset Fuzzy Zeller racist comments. Tiger is an athlete and should have been trained right?

Agree with what? You claim that players hear racial slurs all the time and thats FALSE. Aint no one agreeing with shiiit dumbass. Still waiting for incidents where fans have used racial slurs towards players. And players towards one another in bball, football, baseball. They hear racial slurs all the time right? Show it.
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