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Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
Thanks for the opinion. Also, thanks for the conclusive proof that you're a ****ing retard. Racial slurs and athletes goes in hand in hand, it's the price you pay for being a celebrity. You obvious don't know the difference between public figures and private citizens.

And you've done little to NOTHING to prove this. You're basically talkin out your ass. If you're not going to support your BOGUS claims then take some better advice and SHUT THE PHUCK UP. You're a classic example of someone who should just keep his terrible and offbase comments to themselves. But they cant swallow thier pride and dont like being biiitch slapped with the GoBB to honest truth. Feel free tho to throw me a barrage of players who have been called racial slurs tho. Come on...give me more.

The last time a racial slur was used and caused an uproar was soccer. The infamous headbutt when nasty things were said by a team that is said to be known for having racist players on thier team. You think of Italy played an african team and the words like monkey were used that nothing would happen? If I'm not mistaken and I dont have much knowledge on soccer and its rules...i believe there are harsh penalities if players use racial slurs vs one another.

But yeah fans throw those out daily and you as an athlete should be trained. What a phucking joke you are. You'll never in your life hear a fan at an NBA game call Yao Ming a ch!nk and Yao brushes it off because he is trained to handle it. You'll never see fans tolerate that being thrown Yao Ming's way either. WHY? Because things of that nature arent said. So shut your trap kid. Or continue to reply expose the DUMBASS for which you are.
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