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Default Re: Suns @ Mavs gamethread

Originally Posted by kentatm
Dallas has won all those games against a bunch of mediocre at best teams. Even the Suns have been playing poorly of late so I don't think you can take too much from this game.

and Howard already comes off the book in 2010 if the Mavs don't use their team option on him.

I like what Carlise has been doing. It think he can integrate Howard much better when he gets back. You also have to remember, Terry is streaky. He will stop hitting his shots for several stretches this season and the Mavs will absolutely need Howard there to pick up the scoring slack.

Yep you're right. I thought Howard would come off in 2011, but that is an option year for him. He is still a solid 21/7 guy who's defense we could use (when he's not in chuck mode). I guess I'm still a bit bitter about him being an utter idiot, but we do need him.

Dirk with 37 on 16/22 shooting? Goodness.
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