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Default Can Kings be a good defensive team?

Suddenly, a team that was the worst defensively in the NBA last season believes it can become a good defensive squad.

"He's brought confidence to all of us, and the belief we can turn this thing around," Cousins said. "When it's negative from every angle, including the people that lead you into battle are negative, it's hard. That right there changed a lot of things. He understands us, he relates to us. Everything's been good since he got here."

Smart spent hours going over every Kings game from last season. He also studied other teams across different eras looking for ways he could improve his squad.

"I knew the team had certain flaws," Smart said. "Certain players that we had needed to get better at doing certain things. I knew the No. 1 thing was this team had to get in better shape. And I knew if they followed that, other things would fall into place."

-- Sacramento Bee
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