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Default Re: those salivating over Lebron:

Originally Posted by KyrieTheFuture
Oh it's absolutely the same thing but Rip, to me, is by far the saddest stan on this website. He discredits LeBron for winning with 2 all stars but doesn't say anything about Kobe missing the playoffs with 4. I'm not hating I'm playing devils advocate here he's just a legitimate sad person it makes me lose faith in humanity every time he posts.
You seriously think Kobe plays with 4 all stars now, really? I mean seriously? And at his age it's a fair comparison? Really?

This Bron dude team up in his prime with 2 franchise players including a proven champion at their primes as well. You think this is the same? Who the hell ring chases in their prime? The true beta loser, bron.
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