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Default Re: Pistons Pick Up a 2nd Round Sleeper: Literally (narcolepsy)

I really like what the Pistons did. They didn't get a superstar, or probably even a starter. What they did do was pick up a few guys that can play a couple different positions (Sharpe SF/PF/SG, Plaisted C/PF, and Washington SG/SF). I think this is a big draft for them because with potential moves in the near future (I don't follow rumors that closely, but I know I have heard Wallace to the Rockets and a Billups trade to get Stuckey in the starting lineup) guys like Stuckey, Maxiel, Johnson, Afflalo, and Hayes may be asked to step up in the rotation meaning they need some guys to fill in behind them. I think this a great draft because the Pistons weren't going to get a star that late anyway, so why not get a couple guys who could be 8th to 12th men?

And I don't understand why teams are attacking Dumars because about 10 of the GM's in the 2nd round took international players (or college players born outside of the US) for the same reason that the Pistons got the guys they did. I think Dumars actually may have been smarter because the D-League is there for a reason and Dumars won't have to send those guys overseas where he can't really control how they develop. You can bet if they are in the D-League he has his people working with them all the time.

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