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Originally Posted by carpevicis
Man the 400 is freaking torture... hardest event, that or the 800 in my opinion. I ran the 45m/55m and the 45/55 hurdles for a short stint, but then I stuck to dash. A couple months back I signed up for the Freshman/Sophomore Meet @ Reggie Lewis in Boston under the 45m, but my coach put me running anchor for the 4x400. To add to it, he put our qualifying time down as 3:26 So in theory we would all have to run 54s. I ran a 71 in practice, and just chilled until the meet. I ended up running a 64, but we had to run last after waiting 4 hours...

But yeah that's my track story. I started indoor track this year to get some basketball speed, and that also explains why I run the 45m pretty good (5.6) but a terrible 100m time (13s). Strictly (very) short distance.

Actually for a 3:26 wouldn't everyone on the team have to run 51's?
And yes its awful having the relay as the last event. Next year is going to be crazy, I'm going to run the first event (3200 relay), either the open 400 or 800 in the middle, and the 1600 relay as the last event.

Also fun fact, my dads 1600 relay team had to race against both Steve
Mariucci and Tom Izzo.
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