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Originally Posted by gabepizza
Steve Novak is a type A player. He was getting his shots from open 3s because teams were doubling Anthony. There was a while where he was scoring around 20 points a game. But teams scouted the games and realized that you need to always put a defender on Novak no matter what. Now for many games he is held scoreless because his man stays on him all the time.

I always thought of Navarro as a type A player too and believe he get many of his points from teams concentrating on the Gasol brothers. When Navarro did not have Pau in 2010 he did not fair so well. Also I remember in the gold medal game of 2012 Navarro had like 20+ points in the first half. In the 2nd half Kobe told coach I got him and Navarro did not score another point the rest of the game. If you put a good one on one defender on Navarro who never leaves him to double team he can be shut down, just like Novak, but that leaves one less player to double Anthony, Pau, etc...

Navarro is better offensive player than Pau and might even be better player overall but he is a lot better player than Marc .

You clearly don't know how good of a player he is , Kobe guarded him in the first half too if If I remember good so this just something made up to overrate Kobes defense .

Only way you can stop Navarro is by playing with a lot of contact but reffs will almost never alow that and if they do he will still score 10 points because of his floping .

And another reason he isn't the type A player is because he scores by creating for himselfe and by moving off the ball .
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