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Default Re: Best Player in Class of 2015?

He may not even end up being top 5 or top 10, but there's a guard out of Little Rock, Arkansas that's starting to blow-up named Kevaughn Allen. Only reason I bring him up is because there's some high school coaches around here that believe he's further along as a sophomore than both Archie Goodwin and Bobby Portis were as sophomores, and both of them were top 10-20 players. I'm pretty sure Goodwin was a consensus top 10 player and Portis is somewhere in the 10-20 range by all the major recruiting services.

If that's true, depending on the strength of the 2015 class, he could end up being a top 5-10 player. Of course it also depends on how much he develops between now and his senior year. I'm going to get to watch him for the first time next week in a tournament at a small DII college 15 minutes from where I live. His team already beat Bobby Portis's team in an earlier tournament.

The Little Rock area has always had good athletes. It's also responsible for Joe Johnson and Derek Fisher. Arkansas has already nabbed Portis, so hopefully they can get Allen, too. It'd be nice if their public school system was such a piece of shit dump, and they actually had some money to pump into their athletics programs so more kids would come out for football and basketball. There's plenty of tall tale type stories over the years of 6'6"+ kids walking the halls of all the Little Rock public schools that never end up playing a day of high school athletics. I do know one teacher who teaches in one of the LR schools, and he told me that in one of his classes a few years ago he had one kid that was about 6'8" and pushing 300 pounds and another that was about 6'6" in the 200+ pound range. Neither played football or basketball. So there is some truth to some of the stories, I'm sure.

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