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Default Re: Am i the only one who feels this waaaaaaay

Originally Posted by miggyme1
u can tell if someone is knocked out cold homie...i dont know what planet u can tell if someone faking or not....the way ridley fell is a dead give away he got rocked....and knocked out u watch boxing???????

plus 9 out of 10 times the only way for one to be knocked unconscious is to get hit directly in the head....u think somebody is dumb enuff to get rocked hard in the chest,leg,arm,etc...fake gettin knoccked out and the refs believing that.....i know as soon as ridley got hit he was out cold. i think its a pretty good idea but hey to each its own
You really think people who get KOed depends on how they fell to there ground? Exactly how is it not possible to replicate what ridley did when he got KOed? And runners get hit in the head all the ****ing time. And no refs do not know anything about the medical part of football they will just blow the whistle the second they see a football players on the ground not responding. Anyone can pretend to be knocked out.
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