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Default Re: No Chance Miami Doesn't Break the 33 Win Streak

Originally Posted by CP3MVP
Yeah, he doesn't get under peoples skin quite like the Kobe/anti-LBJ trolls do. Jabbar, kobr, rip, pegasus know how.
I think he has an inferiority complex, he sees all these great Kobe trolls getting so many posts and attention in their troll threads, so he tries to copy them but just lacks the talent and natural enthusiasm to make an impact. So he ends up sounding like a little tard and getting negged by everybody, yet the good Kobe trolls still manage to stay green or only have 1 red bar because they get reps for their efforts and creative jokes.

But Silk is like the nerd loner trying to get into the cool kids club. Like the NCAA scrub thinking he got a shot at NBA, like the unathletic white boy thinking he can be the next Westbrook.
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