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Default Re: See Cavs fans? This is how you make a big move

Originally Posted by lilgodfather1
If things go right then yes. A core of Kyrie (20+ppg scorer), Dion (15+ppg scorer), Tristan (double-double with good D), and let's just say Len is going to be one hell of a core to build around. With enough cap space to sign a max free agent in 2014, which could end up being LeBron, given his Ohio roots.


If everything goes well that's a GREAT team for a long, long time. Not to mention that the Cavs have a practically unprotected (can't remember exact protection, but I think it's top 5) pick from Memphis the year that Gasol, and Randolph are up. That could end up being a top 10 pick, which would extend their time of contention.

The Cavs future is very bright, they have the most picks owed to them, and Grant has so far proven to be decent at drafting with his non no brainer picks. Tristan is looking to be the best player not named Irving from 2011, and Dion looks like his draft spot is very justified. The only player you would want over Dion that wasn't gone at the time is Lillard, but with a star PG already on the team, that would have been crazy.

Bronzey is not going back to Cleveland
If that's what the cavs are relying on they're royally fu*ked!!
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