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Originally Posted by Vendetta
It's not a word play. Rebounds per game for an entire team is more about the pace of their play rather than their actual skill level at rebounding. Rebounding differential is what's important.

If Dwight was in Phoenix's system he'd probably be averaging 15+ rpg right now.

As good as D.Howard is, you can't just assume that somebody, especially a bigman that's played his whole nba career in a half-court system, is automatically gonna fit into a run and gun style of play. My point is that if he were to play in Phoenix, #1, he wouldn't get as many minutes, #2, he wouldn't be the leading scorer on the team, meaning that he would have to adjust to an uptempo offense in which he isn't the main focal point. I wouldn't guarantee a 15+ rpg average were he to join the team without considering these factors.
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