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Default Re: A sidekick's opinion (Pippen) shouldn't matter more than FMVPs (Oscar, Zeke, KAJ)

Pip SURE AS HELL was NEVER an alpha dog scorer. Or known for his killer instinct scoring the rock! I HOPE he's aware of that shit! Six rings and was NEVER REGARDED as the GOAT SF!!! AT LEAST DOUBLE the rings more than guys like Bron, Bird, KD, and Doc. If u gave Bron or Bird six rings, they would have a case as the GOAT flat out. Among ALL POSITIONS!

The MAIN REASON why Pip was never on that level IS BECAUSE EVERBODY knew he wasn't an alpha dog scorer. Or somebody with the killer instinct of clutch gene. Some teams had the luxury of having more than one alpha dog scorer on their teams. The best scorer MJ ever played with was arguably Orlando Woolridge!!! LMAO

For starters, being an alpha dog scorer REQUIRES a certain mentality to dominate scoring. BUT from there u do have guys who have certain clutch and killer instinct traits that take them to another level. Bron DOES have killer instinct and clutch shit.

IT's just not the same mentality like a MJ, Kobe, or a Bird. Bron is pass first for starters. And his scoring skillset isn't as good as those guys. BUT Bron proved as a youngin vs. the Pistons scoring 25 straight points THAT he has killer instinct. Just because he's not a MJ, Bird, or Kobe in that regard DOESN'T mean he doesn't have the clutch and killer instinct shit.

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