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Default Re: A sidekick's opinion (Pippen) shouldn't matter more than FMVPs (Oscar, Zeke, KAJ)

Originally Posted by k0kakw0rld
"Clutch gene" doesn't mean "Killer Instinct" I hope you are not mistaking.

Killer Instinct doesn't mean you are making shots. It just means you want to kill the competition by any means necessary. You can have it in your heart and show emotion and all of that. But you still have to make the shots. And this is where we at.

Stats shows LeBron have been more clutch than both Kobe and MJ in the playoffs.

Broussard killing the debate right now

And that's something that Lebron has not very consistent at. This is where the eye test trumps a triple double. Where you watch certain games, like Game 6 against Indiana last year, where Lebron put up great stats, but visibly he quit and thus had to go to a game 7. Performed great in the game 7, but many times gets scared and quits like in Game 6, while the teammates get the blame. Meanwhile you have Jordan refusing to quit with the flu, and that to me is a major difference. The naive fans, just look at the stats and say he had an amazing game. Jordan wants to win at all cost, and that's what makes him clutch. He's not going to be missing clutch free throws and the like because his mind is not going to be clutter with worry about missing.
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