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Default Re: Assassin's creed 3

Originally Posted by nightprowler10
Yeah there's a ton more homestead missions. Some are annoying as hell, but the end is worth it.

I was actually talking about the hunting missions that are like actual side missions, like where you have to find the man eater bear, alpha wolf, etc. I just finished all of those and the Boston brawler missions.

With the sailor you have to disarm him first. Or cheat like I did and have your assassins as your bodyguards before you start the fight and let them do most of your work.

The ropemaker one was the toughest. You have to get him close to a table and let Connor use that to knock him out.
Looking at the homestead missions I got one in New York which I did earlier, and it appears the others are gonna show up after I do the stupid fight one.

I haven't found the man eater bear. I went looking for him and somehow found the two Cougars instead,(I got distracted by feathers I think and went off course ) and was like...oh well. And did some frontier missions on that end of the map.

Oh man, I didn't even think of that. I'm gonna try that. Thanks for the tip! I got 59% sync right now. my goal is 75. I think Because there's an overabundance of feathers I need, and homestead missions that should be take up some, all the brawler missions and I'll probably do some club stuff. And I gotta build Franklin's inventions. Because I put that off, entirely because I rarely go into the general stores, so I'd never see him.
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