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Default Re: Jets open to trading Revis

Originally Posted by Rameek
Revis ya gotta go. I love you on my team but your salary demands every couple of years are b!tch. You deserve to get paid as much as you can I understand but it cant be the Jets at this point. 39 mill over the cap at this point.

IMHO no CB is ever worth 17mill a season. Trade him take the cap hit this season let someone else pay him. A franchise QB gets that kind of money no other player should get that much under any circumstances these days.

For those that complains about the 6 mill he's making this season how much did he get paid in the first part of that contract? He's taken 2 front loaded contracts and then complains about the last year utterly ridiculous.

This teams is devoid of talent so lets get multiple picks, a player or 2 and start all over again. This team is old and crusty time to start all over again.

Time to blow this crap up!

No, this one is on the Jets as they knew this situation was going to happen 2 years ago when they were negotiating his contract. The Jets have completely mismanaged their cap situation by giving Mark Sanchez the heavy extension but yet can't afford to pay Revis?

The Jets aren't that bad of a team and with a few moves they can be a playoff team as we all know the NFL is a parity league. With a few roster moves they can actually move themselves into cap flexibility by finding a trading partner for Sanchez(unlikely though), cutting players like Pace, Scott, Smith and Tebow can save them around $21mil in cap space.

I think the highest paid corner in the league is getting paid around 11.5mil, it's not awful by giving him something like $12mil considering what Revis means to the team.

First and foremost the Jets need an answer to the QB position. Sanchez is obviously not that and if they are going to keep Sanchez as their QB then might as trade Revis and get something back as we know Jets aren't winning shit with Sanchez. Not a bad idea actually, get a 1st and/or 2nd rounder, tank for the 1st overall and Jets are in great position for the future.
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