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Default Re: Peak Dwyane Wade vs Peak Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by magnax1
Wade just wasn't as good of a mid range shooter, plain and simple. He shot a better % because of the fact that he's one of the greatest slashers ever and gets a lot of room for those shots. I never said he didn't shoot pretty well that season, but if teams had played him the same way they did TMac, he wouldn't have shot that well from that area.

He was very good that year, and that year only. He never step up to that level again. The % that I posted was shot location, which shows that he shot a high %. Virtually equal to T-Mac. Plus, teams gave Wade more space in 2010-11 when LBJ team up with Wade than 2008-09, but he could never hit the jumper like he did at his peak. And teams couldn't really afford to double team Wade with LeBron on the team unlike in 2009.

He took the most shots 16 ft to 3-pt than he ever had before and after that year. And had his best percentage. 10 to 15 ft was very good.

Right now, the only argument is really about defense. But how can that be when Wade was always a great scorer before, and was the best scorer in the league that year. Both T-Mac and Wade were both in similar situations. Yet somehow they sag behind Wade who was shooting at a career high around 42% at 16 ft to 3-pt and 44% at 10 to 15 ft? And was the leading the league in scoring? Basically single handily giving the Heat wins that year.

You can say it was a fluke year in his midrange game, sure. But the opponent teams did try to stop him, but couldn't. Why wouldn't try to stop the only person that can cause you to lose?

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