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Default Re: Peak Dwyane Wade vs Peak Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by magnax1
That's a very flawed argument. Its like saying Lebron is a better shooter than kobe because he shoots better %s from midrange. It might be true, but it's not because he's a better shooter. It's because players give him room while defending, while people really haven't respected Kobe much as a slasher since 08.

1. How is this a flawed argument? This is nothing but facts. If I post the 3pt shot and player A > player B in %, then player A just shot better from the 3pt land.

2. For the defense issue, Wade was not only the leading scorer on his team, but in the whole league that season. After a few games you would think teams would have scouts say "Hey, this guy Wade improved on his midrange. D him up."

The biggest problem about guarding Wade that season was that he was a great slasher, finisher, and close to automatic at mid range. How can you guard a person that could not only beat you off the dribble, use picks, and shoot a mid-range J to your face. It was difficult. They had to send help. Which they did if you watched him play that season, but Wade was also a good passer and playmaker.

People also said that Shaq freed him up, which is why he shot a very high percentage from the field. But at that year, he was great at attacking the rim and mid-range. And he did it at a consistent basis throughout the 79 games that he played.

3. I never said that Wade was the better shooter, because you have to take into account the the 3pt shooting and FTs too. Wade sucks at the 3pt shot while T-Mac was much better. And T-Mac was a bit better with FTs. However, you can be very good at the mid-range game, but not be a good 3pt shooter.

Some players have good years at certain areas, but won't be as good at it in other years. This was the case with Wade. He was very good that year, but never been as good since. And since this is about peak Wade vs peak T-mac, then you have to mention his mid-range j. Just like if you mention peak Kobe, or peak Dirk, or Duncan. They did things much better in their peaks than later on their careers like you mention. In Wade's case it was his mid-range game. I see nothing wrong or flawed about it.

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