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Default Re: Peak Dwyane Wade vs Peak Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by Micku
You can check the stats for it now actually.

Wade in 2008-09:

10 to 15 ft- 44% FG

80 FG with 182 FGA

16 ft to 3-pt- 41.9% FG

255FG with 609 FGA

T-Mac in 2002-03:

10 to 15 ft- 41.7% FG

78 FG with 187 FGA

16 ft to 3-pt- 43.6 % FG

282 FG with 647 FGA

As the stats show, peak Wade was close to T-Mac. Virtually equal. It just that Wade was a better finisher and T-Mac was the better 3pt and FT shooter.

But you can defend players better back then than now, so that accounts for something too. Probably driving to the basket. Still doesn't change the fact that Wade was a killer with his midrange j though.
That's a very flawed argument. Its like saying Lebron is a better shooter than kobe because he shoots better %s from midrange. It might be true, but it's not because he's a better shooter. It's because players give him room while defending, while people really haven't respected Kobe much as a slasher since 08.
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