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Default Re: Browns Look Smart For Not Drafting Blackmon

I don't see how Jarvis Jones is worthy of a #1 overall pick, or even top 3 based on talent. I can't get that stench of his very poor Tennessee game out of my mouth, and he wasn't much of a factor yesterday. I'd feel much more comfortable taking him in the 10 range.

He's a good player, but for you to be that high of a pick as an OLB, you have to have something tremendous, like Von Miller's burst.

Mingo is raw, raw, raw. He gets gobbled up in the run game. I wouldn't want him anywhere near my team with a top 3 pick. He should be able to rush the passer though.

Since the Browns already have a very nice rotation of DT's, Star & Hankins seem like too much of a good thing to take in the top 3 even though both are deserving.

Tough spot for the Browns, IMO, with Star & Hankins out of the question for them most likely due to the position already being a strength and if they think the draft is weak, it'd be kind of pointless to trade down, then, to get more picks in the draft.
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