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Default Re: Was 2013 Nate Robinson more impactful against the Heat than Rose in 2011?

Originally Posted by aj1987
You must've missed the part where Lebron played 7 seasons less than Kobe.

So? You started comparing career accomplishments. Thats a career. Yawl like to place Lebron certain places in the top 10, so ofcource u bring out accomplishments throughout a career. Are you dumb?

What, u think Im suppose to follow some created career marker point to make you happy?

Oh, u must of thought I was sweet like Jordan fans who let yawl do that "stats at age 28" stuff even though we both know thats a dumb cut off point to look at.

Theres players whos played more seasons than Lebron who has less accomplishments aswell, guess wat? Doesnt matter because we are talking about Alltime dipshit and LeBron may blow them out of the water.

Are U talking currently? Then yes, Lebron is better than old injured Kobe rightnow. But if u were just talkin currently, u wouldnt have posted those 4 regular seasons MVPs now would you?

Nice try, I think u should debate with a lesser poster kid. Cause Im like God. Choose ur battles wisely.
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