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Default Re: Kobe Pump Fake .VS D-Wade Pump Fake [Which is better?]

Originally Posted by Hulk Hogan
You are a fool... Wade does it for the sole purpose of getting a whistle, not by getting the defender off his feet. That's why he tries it multiple times and fails during a typical game. For example when the defender jumps straight up, he passes it off mid air cause he knows he cant draw the contact. He tries it numerous times during a game, you must be blind if you don't perceive that!

This happens every damn game, happened last night. Wade has no intentions of bypassing his defender with the pump fake.

Finally yes Kobe does it every night, he does several different versions of it.

Honestly, it does annoy me when he jumps into defenders.

It annoys me when Kobe and Durant both pull up a random 3 point chuck out of nowhere and occasionally get a foul b/c the defender had his arm too close. A lot of time the refs dont call that either and they look stupid b/c they hoisted some random shot out of the ass and go crying to the official.

But you know what? Fouls are more than just 2 free throws. 5 defensive fouls of any type get your team FT's for the rest of the quarter on non-shooting fouls. They also get people to foul out of the game. You can't really blame professional athletes and coaches for approaching the game analytically, like a chess match, and seeing, regardless of the fact that it's lame, it helps you win. So until the rules change, stop complaining about something your fav. player does just as much as anyone in the league.
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