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Default Re: Trent Richardson traded to Colts for 1st round draft pick..

Different regimes people. Holmgren and Heckert drafted T-rich and Weeden. Now its Lombardi and Banner.

I remember having a long conversation with my friends on how pissed i would be if the browns blew a f*cking draft pick on Brandon Weeden. Then they go ahead and trade up to draft an RB at #3 and blow 22 on weeden who would have been there in the second round. WTF.

T-rich has not really been that impressive and he's pretty injury prone. Between H.S., college, and his rookie year he's sustained a ton of injuries. He def. showed a lot a flashes of greatness, but i couldn't tell you if he is the real deal or not.

It's a pass first league nowadays and not many teams are using #1s on RBs. The browns are just swallowing the pills of their past draft mistakes and trying to rebuild....again....

F*cking Browns...
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