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Default Re: Barkley believes NBA might rig lottery for the Nets

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
For NJ? No idea.

I don't think congress would trip over the NBA making money. Money made is government money made. Beyond that, since the NBA invented the lottery, how can it be an anti-trust thing? I would say that everything done inside the NBA would be legal because it's the NBA's choice.

In my opinion, it wouldn't ruin the NBA. The ref scandal didn't ruin the NBA. They can always find a scapegoat. They could even sacrifice Stern if they had to and get someone else. "The Money Making Machine" is greater than any person. And it wouldn't be very hard to have people who understood the idea as the only ones involved.

I can ask you a question... if the lottery is just drawing balls, it would be much, much more exciting to see the balls drawn live. That might even be worth tuning in for. Why do you think they don't do it on live TV?

Because people like you used to watch and dissect it. If a ball was dropped, the machine got stuck, anything went wrong you'd claim they cheated.

And yes, it would be a big freaking deal if the league got caught riggning the lottery. Its different than a ref cheating. its the league cheating.

COngress is going to investigate bounty gate, you think they wouldn't take a look at the NBA cheating?
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