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Default Re: Why do people keep bringing up Pau for Kwame,but no one mentions David Lee for Turaif

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Yea it was the room for Lebron, but the Knicks certainly could have had Monta Ellis for David Lee.

@Niko - We could have used Monta Ellis in other trades, and perhaps even in the Melo trade. He certainly has more value than Azubuike (who never played again), Anthony Randolph, and Ronnie Turiaf.

Denver didn't want salary back. The whole purpose of the Lee S&T was bringing in a few assets we could trade, no long term salary, and trade them for Melo. Monta Ellis is 100% the opposite of that.

Walsh had a plan, it didn't include Lee, so we traded him for assets. this rewriting of the situation as if Lee was under contract and a trade asset makes no sense and considering Rekindled started the thread, i'm kind of wondering why people are indulging this.
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