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Default Re: Realistic predictions for Kobe in the 2014-2015 season?

Originally Posted by Combat Wombat
Of course he's not going to be putting up 25-30 ppg but you're underestimating him big time. It can't be denied that he was starting to be comfortable on his foot before the knee fracture. Not to mention he could have returned after the knee injury but sat out. It will be nearly be 1.5 years since he tore his AC tendon and the fact that he did no muscle/ligament damage to the knee is pretty encouraging.

Not to mention that it's known that he would rather retire than stick around averaging 15-18 ppg.

I guessing he'll average around 22 points on 45% 5 rebounds 6-7 assist. Although i'll be the first to say you were right if your prediction comes true.
That's not realistic. At all. He put up 13.8/6/4 and 6 turnovers per game this year. It didn't look like he was speeding up much either. When Rose was playing like shit people were saying it would take him 30-40+ games to get back into his rhythm. It's the exact thing for Kobe, and when you consider he's older, slower, and less athletic it makes your prediction seem hilarious.
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