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Default Re: True height of NBA players

Originally Posted by boozehound
except in some cases. supposedly sheed is a full 7' in shoes, but didnt want to have the big stiff stigma.

I'm convinced that Walton and Kareem were each at least two inches taller than they were listed.

Walton still looked to be over 7' tall when I met him just 12 years ago.

Having seen Kareem and Manute Bol stand side by side and seeing a barely noticeable difference, I believe Kareem to have been about 7'5"

Garnett is over 7' tall and always has been listed at 6'11"

I also believe, though never saw him close enough to be sure, that Wilt was a good 7'2" or 7'3". He dwarfs even the legit 7' guys from his era.
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