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Default Re: Dr. Buss in Hospital.....dosen't look good.

At his age it would be incredibly difficult to battle cancer. I hope for the best, but realistically this doesn't sound like a good situation. I agree with DKLaker. Let's hope he gives Jeanie the majority of the power. This could be the end of an era for the Lakers. Without Dr. Buss and with Kobe on his way out it might be rebuilding over again, but this time with Jimmy running things.... that's means a long time of rebuilding. There was something they were talking about on ESPN before and that was what happens in California when someone passes away that owns a business like this. There was some kind of law about how bad the taxes are or something like that. I can't remember exactly what it was but it would hurt the Lakers very bad financially, which is part of the reason they have all these contracts that fall off in 2014. Let's hope Dr. Buss is able to recover.
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