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Default Re: Marc Stein : Bargnani "a lock to be moved"

As of right now I feel that getting rid of Bargnani is addition by subtraction. Anything we could get for him would be fine. 1st's (from good teams), 2nd and young developing players. I think we should try avoiding picking up good but already peaked players with big contracts (Amare, Granger, Ellis wouldnt mind Gay though). Even look at how we're playing without him, the league can even see it and they know his stock is pretty low. No one wants a big that cant defend and you can find scoring pretty easily. So everyone's going to buy low.

So everyone that's saying wait it out till he comes back to lift his stock, that's prolly an unlikely.

And same with Calderon. At the end of the year he probably will walk unless we give him a big contract, which we dont want. I love Calderon and appreciate his time here but we dont need him. We should even try just sending him to the lakers for their 1st and 2nd.

So overall if we can turn Bargnani, Calderon (+ maybe even Klieza, Fields) into a 1st rounders, 2nd rounders and/or bench players, young prospects that'll be fine.

and if we can continue with a lineup of Lowry, Derozan, Ross, Davis, and J-Val, with Amir, LucasIII, Anderson, Fields on the bench that'd be huge for our young player's developments
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