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Default Re: My Western Conference standing predictions

Originally Posted by Duderonomy
1. Clippers
2. Rockets
3. Nuggets
4. Lakers
5. Jazz
6. Blazers
7. Warriors
8. Pelicans
9. Spurs
10 Mavs
11. Kings
12. Thunder
13. Twolves
14. Suns
15. Grizzlies

Come at me bros

Clippers #1? George injured early in the season coming off 2 shoulder injuries and Kawhi will probably rest some games that they'll end up losing, not enough depth to warrant a #1 seed.

Pelicans will struggle defensively with Zion and they might not have enough perimeter shooting, that and rookie Zion hitting a wall(probably won't hold up physically for the entire 82 game schedule) I'd say puts them at the 9-10 spot.

Can't bet against Pop missing the Playoffs with Murray coming back as well. I'd say swap the Pelicans with the Spurs and you got the right teams in the POs. The teams from 3-8 are probably a wash because you could go either way, most seasons the difference is 1-3 games.
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