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Default Re: Where is Stephen Curry?

Originally Posted by AlternativeAcc.
Dmavs thinks the Warriors are head and shoulders better than their competition but not Kobe's stacked rosters? Talk about best front courts in the league

Dmavs clearly doesn't have a grasp on the current landscape of the NBA. The Rockets last year were a historically great team and pushed GS to the brink

This year they have a 37ppg MVP, a HOF PG with elite decision making and defense, Capela whose better than any GS big man by a long shot (not including Dray) and lethal 3pt shooters throughout. How are the Warriors head and shoulders better?

And not to mention the Sixers, Bucks, and Raps who are almost equally as stacked as the Warriors/Rockets

Guy doesn't know what he's talkign about

I've been arguing that the Rockets were actually as good or better than a number of teams that have won the title and clearly a historically good team since last year.

What the **** are you talking about?

You are making my points for me. If KD is as good as you claim...then, yes, the Warriors are clearly better. That is where we differ...I don't think Durant is as good as you do.

All-time great for sure, but not likely as high as where you would put him.

I'm just not sure what league you are watching if you can't admit that once Durant joined the was basically game-over.

You act like we should be surprised KD is destroying teams and the Warriors are winning titles. Like, again, what did you expect when one of the 25 best players of all time joins a 73 win team at his peak...while destroying the franchise (Thunder) that had the best chance to beat them in the process.

Come on now...
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