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Default Re: Where is Stephen Curry?

Originally Posted by Bronbron23
No it isn't and no they don't double him all the time. They usually only do it off screens sometimes. The best strategy is to switch everything like Cavs did before kd and like Houston does now. This is why curry stuggles a bit in playoffs because most teams do this come playoff time.

Curry isn't an amazing iso scorer. Teams would rarely double him if not for the thousands of screens he gets. Kerr knows curry has a hard time beating guys his size off the dribble so they're constantly trying to set screens to get curry switched on a slower big that he can take advantage of. If Draymond sets a screen you only have two options really. Switch and let your slow foward or center gaurd Steph or double and force curry to give it up for a wide open shot from a mediocre shooter. Teams would rather give draymond a wide open shot then let curry put there big on skates. That's why they double Steph sometimes.

You write the bold as if screens aren't an integral part of basketball and somehow think iso scoring is all that matters.
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