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Default Re: why trade for jrue when u have greivas?

Originally Posted by therammingman
ya but you had noels....

id rather have grevias noels starting then jrue lopez with greivas on bench

Agreed. You would think the thought of a potential Noel/Davis frontcourt would entice you to keep the guy around. Not to mention theoretically the lotto team who grabbed Noel would really have an advantage in next year's supposed goldmine draft; For all we know Nerlens might miss the entire season. Having another not so hot season would have put the Pelicans in the race for Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker next year and they would have been looking GREAT.

Instead now you are looking like a middle of the road playoff squad, probably pushing for a lower seed. Jrue, Brow, EG, Vasquez seems like a solid core but does anyone else believe that by 2015 the Pelicans could have set themselves up to be a top team in the league if they would have pushed the right buttons the past couple of nights?

I don't get it.

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