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Default Re: Pro Football Hall of Fame 2013 finalists

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
you must not have seen much of Sapp, he was as dominate as it gets at DT, and like I said earlier, I think he is the best DT I have ever seen in my lifetime...

I've seen plenty. Strahan was better...but if you think that Sapp is the better peak player, keep in mind that Sapp fell kinda hard. He was as great a defensive player as there was in the league, but within two years he wasn't a top 3 defensive player on his team. Was still great, still a Pro-Bowler, but well below where he was. Strahan was dominant for a long time. Towards the end he became a more all-around DE and not just a guy getting sacks. That D-Line was menacing and he was getting double teamed on every passing play. I've seen offensive lines set up solely to stop him. Osi got a lot of freedom due to Strahan, who was still one of the best defensive players in the league at the time of his retirement.
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