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Default Re: The further adventures...

Originally Posted by hiphopanonymous
What a cool thread - thanks for continuing to post


Today I played a quickie. Got some good running in to counteract the 2 packs of cigarettes I smoked this month. VERY BAD! I was winded but made it through my reps. And then played a quick halfcourt set against these youngsters. They could shoot pretty good from midrange and this one dude was the alpha, he was tall and made some solid contested drives. I made a few shots from the perimeter but rolled my ankle on the way down from a jumpshot so played halfspeed and racked up a couple of assists before bowing out.

We shook hands afterwards and that was that. Now my ankle is tender. I had to walk a mile back home and that sucked, hopefully that does not further damage any soft tissue. Im now chilling, watching a game on TV and taking all the weight off of it.

Drinking a chocolate milk. It was a good workout. I feel good.
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