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Default Re: The further adventures...

I've got a very weird start to my basketball career. I didn't start playing until I was about 23, I'm 32 now and will be 33 soon. I haven't felt the athletic decline yet other than recovery period but I know it will eventually come. In my late 20's I noticed I wasn't getting as good as I'd hoped through merely playing games. I only started practicing with any regularity about 2 years ago. So for a long time even though my brain began to understood the game, my body still couldn't do much that was effective.

Finally, after the few years of practice I'm having a big break out year, my teammates say it looks like I get better every game. I got one of the biggest compliments after the last game, which was that though most of our team is viewed as athletes (hockey, football, etc backgrounds) I am now viewed as a "basketball player" like our teammate that played in college. I like reading the posts here, I may be finally hitting my stride in the game but I know I will need to temper my game at some point here in my 30's so I'll probably have a very short window of experiencing the game at a level that feels impactful. Especially since much of my game is based on quickness.

I'm curious, at what age the few of you posting in your late 30's felt any sort of decline and what declined? Speed and quickness? Jumping? All of the above?
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