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Default Re: Bradley Beal signs for 2 years 72 million.

Originally Posted by sammichoffate
Beal put up 1st option numbers though, they could definitely compete if they put Beal/Butler/3rd star together. They still have Winslow and Dragic as assets if they really wanted to, don't think it's gonna happen.

Beal / Butler is legit. Blazers west, maybe. But Miami is looking to the future with Bam/Herro and Butler is gonna lead em.

Bam is playing like ass this preseason though. ASSSSSS

and this Winslow-ball thing is funny. Get a shot, Winslow. I'd stick him to the bench or trade him and start Dragic or Herro to be honest. He's a solid bench glue guy that can give you good D. He's Metta World Peace at his best. That said, he played well tonight.

Heat have a lot of vets to move. Spo sucks. haha

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