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Default Re: The further adventures...

Well we have passed the halfway point of the summer and I seem to have physically peaked. I'm feeling strong and physically fit but my body is beginning to get tired of working out. I'd rather not spend so much energy on something that takes me a while to recover and use the energy more wisely. I don't want to risk injury trying to prove something and over-exerting myself. I can walk without soreness and I want to keep it that way. This is called getting old.

I've won some battles and Ive gotten my ass handed to me. There are definitely some ballers in NYC, a lot of dudes here have polished post moves which is against the current NBA trends (maybe that's why they are not in the NBA) but the half-court dominance (so many half court games, no full court) is a bit annoying. I like to run and spot up to shoot and that is severely lacking in the half-court. Maybe it's the courts i'm visiting so I'm still looking for more full-court challenges. I mean, players basically sit at the half-court line watching the game. That shit doesn't go down in my hometown.

Anywhoo, a good summer so far. I love it. Sun and basketball. The best.

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