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Default Re: top 5 two way players in nba history ( aka the real top 5 players in nba history )

Originally Posted by Smoke117
Kobe basically destroyed any prestige the all defensive team had when he was put on the team when he was literally a negative player defensively. I will say he played better defense in the playoffs, but the whole point of being on the all defensive team is consistency...being a consistent defender throughout the long 82 game season and Kobe was, frankly, never that besides 2000. What makes it even worse is he was being put on the team over a guy like Dwyane Wade who was a far superior defensive player.

Wade was never far superior on defense, he simply played in a worse Conference and played on teams that mostly ran at a snail's pace. Lakers coasted on defense after the 2000 season but were consistently holding teams to 80-90 pts in the POs. Kobe's individual defense has always been elite and coaches, who watched hours of flim on him knew that and thus voted him 1st team.
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