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Default Re: Bleak Playoff picture

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
meh if you think logically ...they are not making playoffs....can they beat memphis/clippers/spurs??? lo heck no

even if they somehow make the their defense any good? heck no

can they make any kind of noise when they are give 110-120 pts on regular basis to turrible teams??? heck no

D'Toni ran Kobe/Nash into dust and both are banged up pretty bad...Pau is not 100% & neither is Dwight....

reality sucks but....they messed around too much at the start of the season....

after an yr watching nash ...I think it was a bad bad signing...not only we have him 2 more yrs after this but we gave away 2 1st round picks...out of which 1 could be lottery

part of the blame goes on Jackbe too....he single handidly is responsible for the Wizs/Bucks loss...he need to understand he has players who are really really good players around him nash/dwight/pau...

I agree except, I'm not going to lay any blame on Kobe despite the fact he has blown a few games for us. The only reason we have a shot IS Kobe.
He is by far the least of our problems.
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