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Originally Posted by Da KO King
So I should be impressed because of the timing and ignore the fact that it was a normal deep three-ball? I never been overly impressed by game-winners as highlites so I'm the wrong guy for this conversation I guess.

The funniest part in all this to me is that people bring up the quality/bad shots thing as though it was a quality shot from Arenas.

Gilbert is starting to make his way into the "Can do no wrong" group Tim Duncan and rookie Chris Pau enjoyed being members of.

Well no wonder you dont find the shot more impressive or understand why others do. You've never been that impressed with game winners in general. You had the answer to your own damn question.

I dont know if that shot was a quality shot...but i often will throw it out there as one because its funny to hear the story behind it. How he was hitting shots and calling them quality in a game. Thats hilarious. So i just take the word and label any silly shot that goes in quality. I'd call Lebron 80 footer a quality shot. The quality shot thing is just funny to me.
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