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Originally Posted by Da KO King
I still don't see how a 25 footer is more impressive than a 80 foot heave.

I'll list reasons why.

1. Bron did it at the end of a 3rd quarter, Gilbert did it to win the game
2. The distance of the heave was great and impressive but the signicance doesnt rival Gilbert walkin away soon as he released the shot giving the crowd a "I'm THAT niiiiiiiiiice!" with his fingers doing sign language for "Quality shot". He did all this before the shot fell. His antics > Bron antics (really did none). Didnt hurt he calmly walked the ball up before he pulled his antics.

This is why people find it impressive. A game winning shot is already something that moves the crowd. But a game winning shots the way Gilbert did it? It will always be more impressive. So now you see...its not 80 > 25, its the signicance, impact and how the shots were taken that seperates the two in the impressive/more impressive catergory. Got it?
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