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Default Re: One of those days

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
you have to keep working on your game, everyone goes through spells of poor play

the best thing you can do, and I tell this to all my players, is to not be satisfied simply with knowing that you are playing poorly. You must understand WHY you are playing poorly. Think back to every mistake you made and why you made it: were you in a bad position to make a play? Did you make an ill advised pass, if so, what could you have done instead to prevent it? etc etc etc. You did not play poorly because you simply "felt off", you play poorly because you had poor results that stem from things that led to mistakes.

The best players go from feeling shitty to feeling like doing something about it fairly quickly. The quicker you are able to put it in the back of your mind, the quicker you will regain form. Notice I didn't say "forget about it". You HAVE to remember it, because if you wont you will simply keep making the same mistakes.

This is good advice. I've only been playing regularly for about 3 years but this is my second year coaching. I have been telling my players to start breaking down the game whether they are in or watching and decide why things happen and if what they can do to improve on them.
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