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Default Re: Predictions for this post season

I dont do playoff predictions, anything can happen there.


AFC West: Broncos
AFC East: Patriots
AFC South: Colts
AFC North winner: Bengals
1st wild card - Chiefs
2nd wild card - Dolphins

Right now I see the Chiefs, Dolphins, Texans competing for the wild card positions. I would have had the Browns winning the AFC north, but Hoyer who looked good tore his ACL last night and Weeden ****ing sucks.


NFC South: Saints
NFC West: Seahawks
NFC North: Packers
NFC East: Cowboys
1st Wildcard: Lions
2nd Wildcard: Falcons

The NFC North is wide open. Saints, Seahawks are going to get the byes, but NFC North is anyones division(Packers, Lions, Bears all quality teams). Wild card spots up for grabs to a number of teams too.

I put these wildcard teams over the 49ers becuase I don't like Kapernick. Should have kept Alex Smith.
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