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Default Re: Ranking Pat Riley, Greg Pop and Phil Jackson in different categories

Originally Posted by Money 23
Dude, I agree with you all the time. You're a very underrated poster, pretty great even. Enjoy reading your basketball opinions. I really do. But you have GOT to be kidding me.

PJ didn't have to manage egos in Chicago, because there was a clear cut alpha dog in the locker room, a pecking order, and role players who knew not to start ish if they wanted to keep winning games (Horace Grant excluded)

But what PJ did managing Kobe Bryant, a diva with personal agendas for virtually his entire career should be absolutely applauded as the case in point of the best manager of egos.

He handled Kobe Bryant AND SHAQUILLE O'NEAL, the biggest petulant child of all time on the same team, and got them to not only co-exist but build a dynasty in the early 2000s. These guys had the gloves off and PJ managed to channel their personal war into on court success. Even for the first time in his career he had the laziest gifted player of all-time, actually motivated (Shaq in 2000 season)

The only other time Shaq was motivated was by Riley, yes, going into that 2005 season to prove a) he wasn't done and b) LA made a mistake picking Kobe over him. But he didn't get 3x rings out of Shaq, or multiple years of at least being in some what elite condition. You have got to be kidding me.

There is no better coach at the professional level for managing egos than Phil Jackson. By the way, these are easily the three best professional coaches I've ever seen. Thibs is up there as well trailing these three mega accomplished coaches.

These three are the best by far. Phil for managing egos, Riley for motivating, and Pops for x's and o's.

It's amazing that Thibs ends up being better than Doc, in terms of coaching abilty
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