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Default Re: Jennings In Trade Rumors

DD24 - you make some good points like usual - but when you say we arn't able to draft high enough - pretty sure Dre would be a top 3 pick in any of the past 10 drafts, so he kinda of qualifies as that Blue Chip draft selection a team needs to get to the next level. Then we have top 10 talent in KCP and Stanley, and if one of them can develop into a borderline all-star, to join Reggie who is already a borderline all-star, then that sets us on the right path.

Our core of 5 or 6 players we are building around are all 25 and under, and ALL are on their way up to their peaks, not one has hit their prime yet... Which is exciting - which also means it is kind of hard to put a ceiling on this team.

SVG has earned an A scorecard from me so far, as both coach and GM (Would be an A+ if he was able to flip Monroe for atleast a draft pick or something)
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