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Default Re: Why are you people so shocked to discover that Lebron is really good?

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Iverson made the Finals too, and he didn't choke like a dog when he got there.

1: Dirk didn't choke in the finals, he choked against GS though.

2: The finals run was impressive. Too bad every other year Iverson gone out in the first round or got pounded in a one sided second round series. Dirk has more playoffs success than Iverson, that's that.

BTW, I specifically explained why Dirk didn't really choke against Heat in a post with detailed backings, and not one person replied to dispute.... instead they went around that post and continue to call Dirk a choker.. I mean go ahead, I'm not even a Dirk fan, but it's just how ISH is.
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