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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Lol this Clippers squad would beat those Hornets in 5 if you take CP3 off both teams, stop it. Remember CP3 was at his peak at that time.... his supporting cast now is much better. Hornets supporting pieces were respectable, these ones are very good.

Blake isn't doing all he can either. I think both deserve a majority of the blame for the losses this year. As I said though naturally the better player, the highest paid player and the proven SUPERSTAR is going to take more blame than the 3rd year all star PF.

On paper Clippers win.

But the Hornets were a team where every player had an IQ that was higher than this current (healthy) Clippers squad combined.

D-West would sit 20 feet out and bury everything, leaving about 15 feet of empty space behind him for Chandler to catch lobs, Peja wouldnt miss open J's like Caron and Willie, and CP3 would have a paddock of free space to do what he wanted. Bench would bring the clippers back in it, but hack'a'Blake/DJ would seal the win.
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