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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Paul is the teams undisputed best clutch player and closer. The burden of finishing games is rightfully on his shoulders. Everybody knows Blake hasn't proven sh** yet as a young player in taking over in the clutch. All 4 Clippers loses had CP3 folding in the clutch in what were tied games with multiple chances to win and CP3 let the team down.

Last year I knew he would make SOMETHING good happen, even if it was a pass, a steal or a game winning shot. This year he just looks broken to me. Griffin has been the 2nd biggest problem on the team but as I said in the OP Griffin is in the beginning of his 3rd season, isn't a top 5 player and a superstar. The expectations I have for the players will obviously be different.

I've criticized Griffin a bunch lately for being passive as shit and looking mentally weak but CP3's play is more important to the team than Griffin's.

Thats where your problem lies, who is easier to close out in a physical hard hitting playoff game? a 6 foot 27yr old who isnt as quick as he used to be? or a hyper athletic 6"10 powerhouse? Its time for Blake to step up and stamp his name on this team. I'd much prefer to be relying on someone who can jump over anyone from 10 feet out in a playoff game, rather than a barely 6" pg who needs every single trick in the book to just get a shot off, let alone make one.

Come playoffs Paul will sit on around 20/10/4/2 as usual, but when lebron/kobe/sefolosha/Kawhi are guarding him on the perimeter and there is a mismatch somewhere... who is gonna step up? Thats what the regular season is there for, to find out.

Blake needs to assert himself and get active, its not all on him, but he sets his pick then watches... doesnt roll or do anything else. He's either shotting 18 footers or backing down for that little hook. The hook is great, but the rest is pretty average, especially considering some of the space he is given, he just needs to stop hesitating. Then the whole floor opens up for everyone.

And for what its worth...

The Hornets team with D.West, Chandler, Peja and Paul would spit this Clippers team out.
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